We've gone Green

 RPP are aware of the carbon footprint generated by our business and the need to give something back.  To try to do our bit, RPP are currently supporting Trees for Life, the only charity dedicated to the regeneration of the Caledonian Forest here in the Scottish Highlands.  Their strategy to plant native trees in now barren areas where the forest has disappeared completely and they receive our support through tree planting on our corporate Grove at Dundreggan near the beautiful Loch Ness.

 We have decided that to help to grow our grove and also increase our customer awareness of the amazing range of recycled products, and their benefits, on offer, we will be running a series of eco promotions throughout the year. During these promotions, for every eco order our customers place, we are planting a tree.


For more information about Trees for Life visit www.treesforlife.org.uk

Or to make donation click here